This short cut key helps the User to toggle Normals on Geometry itself. At times when Geometries are rendered with weird/funny  results, it could be mostly be the Normals on the Geometry has problem.
*The other way to check Normals is to export it as .obj and re-import it*

To setup the Toggle Normal HotKey –

All you need to do is go to Maya – Window – Hotkey Editor – Under Categories – Select ”User”
And click on ”NEW” and paste this script under the ”Command” Box.

Next click on ”Accept” and just a Key to it under ”Assign New Hotkey”

Personally I set it to ”n” according to Zin.


string $selGeom[] = `ls -sl`;

for($i = 0; $i < size($selGeom); $i++)
string $selShp[] = `listRelatives -s $selGeom[$i]`;
int $normStat = `getAttr ($selShp[0]+”.displayNormal”)`;

if($normStat == 0)
setAttr ($selShp[0]+”.displayNormal”) 1;
setAttr ($selShp[0]+”.normalSize”) 0.08;
else if($normStat == 1)
setAttr ($selShp[0]+”.displayNormal”) 0;
setAttr ($selShp[0]+”.normalSize”) 0.1;

This Toggle Normal on Geometry script credit belongs to Zin =)

*Ignore the text color*