This will be an update on some of the shots done for Strange Magic as a Generalist. A variety of tasks covered such as 2D projection in nuke, Texturing, Digital Matte Painting and 2D animated elements.

This is the opening sequence. The task was to make sure the Clouds have proper lighting direction. And there was a moment where the sunlight was shining from above which there will be shadows cast beneath the clouds. It was pretty challenging as to know how much of shadow and direction it needs to be filled in.

And also taking care of the far background forest of trees.

These are few of the shots thats was also dealing with the sky and far background forest of trees. Most of these shots are 2D Projeciton in nuke.

As for this shot, the task was the fill in details, shadows and depth to the ground where the character is seated on. I had to get the details painted out in photoshop and 3D projection it, color grade it back in nuke.

For this shot, its more of a challenging task. The initial take was the tree bark texture were too low resolution and less detail. I had to get a higher resolution texture back on it, and also get the lighting direction correct in that shot. The texture was done in photoshop and later 3D projection back on the tree geometry in nuke.

As for this shot, it was just a 2D crack painted in photoshop and 3D projection back in nuke. And also animate and time how the crack reveal.

This is the final shot for Strange Magic. I was appointed to create a sunset like digital matte painting. It was pretty challenging task! First of is to get the mood to look correct, and next was how the lighting direction would be. Had to go through a number of sunset reference to understand how the clouds would sit in the sky and how would the sun would lit them from a certain angle.

*Will update with the final shot video soon!*

Will be updating the next project later this year! Heres a teaser of it:)