This was completed about a year ago. The task was to recreate a digital asset base from the real world, and the requirement is that it has to have more than four different surface quality. I chose razor as its more challenging in terms of surface shading. Below is a final render of the Razor.

Modelling was done in 3dsMax, and UV unwrap with Maya.




Some mask maps created in Photoshop for certain details.


Some of the materials created specifically for the razor. Rough and smooth metallic surface,rubber, plastic, matte surface.


Didnt really have a good HDR to use for environment reflecting on the razor. But the render was pretty descent with the details in it. If theres chance, would spend a little more on getting the metal surface looking more closer to the reference especially on the razor body.


And last final render with Vray without grading in nuke and photoshop.