Before I was working as a Texture and Lookdev Artist, I was a Generalist…

Majority of the work are Digital Matte Painting (sky and clouds, grass), track removal, cg grass extension, paint patches, modelling, texturing, lookdev, rendering, compositing.

Softwares used: Maya, 3Ds Max, Vray, Zbrush, Photoshop, Mari, Nuke

2014 – Transformers 4 (Uncredited)
– To reconstruct a clean plate from original shot for additional FX and Animation interaction
– Far background digimatte extension
(3 shots)

2014 – Unbroken (Uncredited)
– Sky and Cloud extension over blue screen plate (4 shots)

2014 – Stange Magic (Credited)
– Texture work on tree barks, ground, leaves
– Digital Matte Painting of skies, clouds
(Approximately 34 shots)

2014 – Jurassic World (Credited)
– Digital Matte Painting of skies, clouds, trees, grass, ground
– Set Extension
(Approximately 27 shots)

Some of the shots that was done for Jurassic World.