Had  a chance to work on a couple of minor assets in this commercial.

The main challenge of this project was using Solid Angle Arnold as main render as well as Arnold shader.

Ive played with Vray shader previously in 3DsMax, and would say Arnold shader settings are fairly similar with Vray shader settings. However, still figuring under AiStandard, how is  reflection being affected when tweaking just Specular setting. While there is another standalone “Reflection” tab in AiStandard.


Responsible for lighting, lookdev and render. All was done in Maya, some texture paint in Mari and lookdev using Arnold.


Below is a short breakdown of the Scene with couple of main passes.



Some of the materials prepared for the scene.



Didnt really have the original location HDR to light the scene while using a similar indoor studio HDR to help cast reflection on the assets. If given sufficient time, would love to craft more details on the assets itself. 🙂