This is just a documentation of Maya 2014 and 3dsMax 2014 cross platform check on Camera and Geometry. At times, there are needs to transfer scene from one to the other application for certain purposes say like rendering.

Lets start with Geometry. Couple notes to take note of.

– Both Maya and 3dsMax Unit preferences. They need to be set to the same unit scale in order to work.

Maya – under preferences – settings – working units – linear

3dsMax – Customize – Units Setup – System Unit Setup

*In 3dsMax, whatever System Unit Scale is set, it will read the Unit Scale from there.



For geometry to work correctly, exporting Obj should do the trick. Below image displays a geometry created in Maya and exported out as Obj and works well in 3dsMax with the unit scale as Centimeters.



Theres a question where you will notice the X,Y,Z axis on both Maya and 3dsMax is not showing correctly. However the geometry is sitting correctly on the grid.


You can also simply create a cube in Maya with the measurement of 1cm x 1cm x 1cm,with unit preferences set as Centimeters, and bring it over to 3dsMax. If  3dsMax unit scale is also set to Centimeters, you will notice the cube is the same size. To double check,by going to command panel (Customize – Show UI – Show Command Panel), in 3dsmax, go to the last tab, Utilities and go to Measure, it displays 1.0 unit on X,Y and Z under Dimension.



Next is Camera. From Maya to 3dsMax, fbx works well at the moment.


First thing just create a camera in Maya and export it as fbx and import into 3dsMax. FBX Import window will pop out and theres couple of things to check, make sure Animation is checked if the camera has animation, Cameras is checked. And take note of Scale Factor is at 1.0 under Advanced Options – Unit.


Camera exported from Maya as fbx should be sitting correctly on 3dsMax even though the axis is still incorrect.


Another way to test is to try out with an Animated Camera. It is still the same method, by exporting the Animated Camera from Maya as fbx and import into 3dsMax with the settings mentioned above.

Below is a clip displaying Maya Camera exported as fbx and working fine in 3dsMax. First half Maya and Second half in 3dsmax.



*Apologize on the second half is too dark where the Geometry is not that visible. But the Animated Camera is working fine in 3dsmax.


This is another clip viewing from the Camera.


Will update once there are more solid technical proof on this topic 🙂