Before everything starts….Ive to give credit to  to Mr.Richard Tilbury =) The Model was Originally Designed and Modelled by Richard Tilbury – ‘”Deck” is the next Hard Surface Environment Texturing Project currently in progress. A brief story behind the Deck Project. ”1978,after a Zombie Apocalypse wipe out the entire civilization,no mankind was alive till today. Beneath an abandon wrecked ship deck, there lies a true story of how the Apocalypse started where a group of mad scientists research on ”Z-Virus” that went viral. This caused the outbreak to become an exponentially growing crisis: the spreading ”Zombie plague/virus’ swamps normal military and law enforcement organizations,leading to the panicked collapse of civilian society until only isolated pockets of survivors remain, scavenging for food and supplies in a world reduced to a per-industrial hostile wilderness.” The concept for the Deck will portray a run down and abandoned Enviroment, leaving a creepy feeling behind it. Below are a series abandoned places through research to help enhance the project. Images found from . They have a great library of abandoned places with high resolution images taken. The next step will be getting the lighting and mood for the environment to enhance the overall. Some reference found was pretty eerie especially some of the hallways with dim lights. With those concepts in mind, the next thing is getting the Modelling and Camera work done. As well as getting the UVs unwrap and checked at the same time. The Modelling stage is done with additional of debris and a Juggernaug machine in the scene for enhancement. The idea of putting a Juggernaug in the scene was a pure enhancement for the overall environment. What is a Juggernaug? Juggernog is a Perk-a-Cola featured in Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call Of Duty: Black Ops II in the game mode Zombies. This perk increases the amount of health you have meaning it will take you 4 hits instead of 2 to get downed my a zombie.

Checker Box assigned to check UV size to make sure Texture are sharing the same size.


Once with those done, the next time is to get an idea how the Environment would look like with Textures. With the Camera work locked down,I get to screen capture the shots and did a Concept paint over and see how it looks like. With that in mind, it will help to visualize what parts need to be more weathered and etc. With the help of paint over, it helps to give some idea for the Texturing stage.  The Textures are done at the moment. Will be posting it in the next update along with some lighting and Lookdev progress.