Its been busy lately but Hey~ Heres a small update on the Vray Surface Materials thats still on going!

Its the Rock Surface Material. Took quite awhile to get the look and demonstrate how a Rock Surface should look like in both lookdev and texturing.


The initial test done looks flat, more towards like a stone.


The identity of a Rock gives a sense of its a hard surface object that can be used a a weapon, caught a bruise when got scratched by it. Spent some time to analyze the look of it, the silhouette should give a sense of danger, sharp edges, pointy corners. These are some of the characteristics. Of course, you can argue there are some Rocks that are smooth. For example those you can find near seashore. The reason why its smooth is because the sea water ‘brushes’ the surface everytime it contacts the Rock surface.

The aim here is to achieve a Rock that has sharp features on it. This is a Displacement Map rendered image from Vray.



This was the settings for exporting Displacement Map from Zbrush for Vray purpose. And also the Cavity Map settings.


*Still exploring which is a better way to export DSP *Displacement*  Maps from Zbrush for Vray to render better.

This is the final look of the Rock Surface Material. The texturing process is also challenging to deal with. Its not just about slapping on Rock Textures on to the model. Because there is a certain texture look on a Rock base on the surface pattern on it, by exporting Cavity Map and use it as a guide line to place the texture and details in is a better way.


Will update a new one when its done. Enjoy!