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Alright, here are the Breakdowns of Sea Turtle.












CG Sea Turtle Texture Reel.




More Work Breakdowns in here – https://amazingbeggars.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/sea-turtle-tex-and-zbrush-001/


Sea Turtle Project started off very fun,lots of artistic opportunities to play around with especially on the Texture side. The sea creature various from different kind of species and each of them are interesting on shapes,colors,sizes and look. The project began with just a simple T-Pose and its easier to work that way,especially UV Unwrapping. Had UV Layout to do the job. Well having it posed is not an issue for UV Unwrap, its just neutral pose speeds up workflow.

Had approximate 8 UV tiles. Notice there are 2 tiles that are the same,its just flipped over. Having UVs symmetry also helps to speed up the Texturing workflow. The reason is both left and right fin share the same UVs, Texture Artist can focus on one side and later mirror it over. Once thats done, just break the similar Texture look on both sides to make it natural.

Dealing with Organic subject is fun,especially digging in the details of the creatures and notice what makes them special in their Texture surface.

Paying attention on the details on Turtle Eye is also crucial,that area helps making the creature more alive. It will be good to make it realistic and getting it as close to real life reference as possible.

After Texturing progress,the next thing is to pay attention to the Muscle flow and details on the Sea Turtle. Those details are sculpt in Zbrush.

Wrapping up the last bit of Sea Turtle in the next Post~! =)