As the scene grows more with Multiple Geometry,its tedious to select each Geometry and assign the same Renderman Attribute to it.

However, Pixar Renderman saves the day with their way!

Link to web – Renderman – Shared Geometric Attributes

Basically with this script installed along with Renderman, it helps to make the Artist life more easier.

  1. Set the project destination and open the scene file.
  2. Go to Window > Rendering Editors > RenderMan > Shared Geometric Attributes… or by clicking

    on the RenderMan shelf.

    A small window will open with a few options in it.

  3. Click the Create button.
  4. Select all the pawns in the scene and click Attach.A new node will be created in the Attribute Editor called rmanSettings. This node is what you will add your attributes to, these will then affect the objects attached to this node.
  5. Open the Attribute Editor and navigate to the rmanSettings node. (You can select one of the pawns and the tab should become visible).
  6. With the rmanSettings node selected, go to Attributes > RenderMan > Manage Attributes…
  7. From the drop down select Subdivision Scheme.
  8. Click Render.The pawns all now have the Subdivision scheme attached to them. You can add multiple SGA attributes to objects and have as many attributes as you like in each node.
  9. Select 2 of the pawns and open the SGA window again.
  10. Click Create.
  11. Ensure the 2 pawns are selected and click Attach.
  12. Open the Attribute Editor and navigate to the rmanSettings1 node.
  13. With the rmanSettings node selected go to Attributes > RenderMan > Manage Attributes…
  14. From the drop-down select Camera Visibility.
  15. Open the rmanSettings1 node and uncheck the checkbox next to the Camera Visibility, under the Extra RenderMan Attributes section.
  16. Click Render.Now that we have these easy access groups we can alter the attributes on multiple objects, without the pain for writing scripts.

*Just remember to double check the Geometry is assigned with the Renderman Attribute correctly by

– Selecting the Geometry – Go to Attribute Editor – Locate the Geometry Shape Node – At the bottom *Extra Renderman Attributes* – One should be able to see the Attribute is added correctly.

Credit belongs to Pixar Renderman =)