Been working on Surface Material with Vray. Taking more time to understand how each surface reacts to light, especially on reflection, reflection glossiness and its IOR (Index of Refraction). It is important to understand these terms as it creates different look of the material.

A good read and understanding of different terms and aspects by Neil Blevins.

Started off creating the first two basic materials, Chrome Ball and Gray Ball. This two balls are often used during on set shooting for films as Artist grabs info from them, especially HDRI from the Chrome Ball. Besides, there is also light information cast on the Chrome Ball and Gray Ball. Gray Ball will provide information like is it a warm or cold tone of gray base on the environment.

Surface of the Chrome ball is fully reflective. And the value of Gray ball was set to 119,119,119 in RGB value. Its 50% gray.


Follow up by testing color bleed. Included a luminance green color on the curve piece to check how it was affecting the other surface.

Tested out with 3 values to see how the color was bleeding.


Next was recreate a Chrome ball which is left over 20 plus years covered with dust.


Clay was a little more challenging. It has a little subsurface scattering on its surface. Didnt included hotter specular on the surface as just want to keep this Clay as a dried version personally. Might create another version with some specular on its surface since its a little oily.


Orange Plastic is pretty interesting. It is not just about Plastic surface, however there is slight different on the texture. Since its a used Orange plastic, there will definitely be some color wear off and desaturate. Created some dust around the corner areas to give a story of it was left at a corner for some time. It helps to make the surface look interesting than just standard Orange Plastic material.


Rusty Metal. There are two materials created and mixed for the final render. One is a painted Metal surface, Two was a rusty surface. Using a mask to mask out the rusty area that is under lying on the Metal surface.

Rusty Metal640

Still working on more different Surface Material. Will update with a new batch when its ready. =)