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Will be sharing two projects that were completed over at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) during 2014 under the Generalist  discipline. Majority of the work done were plate reconstruction, sky and clouds extension.

1st Project



Transformers 4 Age of Extinction ( Completed 3 shots )



This was the first plate reconstruct shot done over at ILM. It was challenging! In the original shot there was a pole and a crane,smoke,sparks and debris in front of the silos (as indicated in the reference image above in green). All of those elements have to be removed for additional FX as well as animation of Optimus Prime piercing through Lockdown with his sword. The plate reconstruct work were done in Photoshop, painting out the pole and crane. And nuke projection technique to project back onto the original plate for additional stuff.




The other two shots were just adding far background 2D extension of Hong Kong cityscape. Its just to help tie in the shots where the silos are to Hong Kong.


Unbroken ( Completed 4 shots )

There was a sequence filmed by the pool side with a blue screen behind. The tasks were to have clouds and skies digital matte painting to replace the blue screen (as indicated in the below images for reference). It was a big challenge for me as a new Digital Matte Painter! Ive to get the clouds to look like they are sitting on the horizon of the sea and also have the clouds to have details showing where the sunlight is coming from, the depth of the clouds that were sitting in the blue sky.










Next update will be Strange Magic which approximately 34 shots were completed 🙂

There were various tasks done for Strange Magic that includes texturing, lighting, sky and clouds extension, 2D gag animation, paint patch and set extension.


Its been awhile since the last update. However there will be some updates on Generalist and Digital Matte Painting works coming very soon done at Industrial Light and Magic in 2014 and 2015.

A little teaser of the four shows thats done 🙂