The Deck Project will be on hold as there are some studies to be taken care of for the time being.

Forking out some time going through certain particular maps in the Vray Material Library to understand and figure out what would be crucial for Procedure Map purposes.

*Some Maps are yet to discover and will update when its done! Stay tune!*

Vray Cellular Map Characteristic Chart by Ken Lim

Vray Cellular map Size and Spread

Cellular Chips Characteristic Size and Spread

Cellular Circular and Fractal Iterations

Noise Regular , Fractal , Turbulence Size

Noise Regular , Fractal , Turbulence Threshold

*Note there are a few maps with swap color setting, this is up to individual preferences*

Speckle Chart

Smoke Chart

These are the current Vray Procedural Map Charts Im creating for the time being for Cellular, Noise, Speckle and Smoke.

More to come! To be continue =)